One Houston One Hood

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Scott Street Peace Initiative Strategic Plan

“The Scott Street corridor from Interstate 45 to Sims Bayou has become a warzone. There are several street organizations that are caught in a cycle of violence marked by attacks and retaliation. Innocent citizens have been caught in the crossfire of the rival factions. The “leaders” of these factions tell us they want a permanent peaceful solution. To date, there has not been a adequately resourced community-wide initiative to confront the root of the violence and implement a sustainable solution to bring peace and prosperity back to these once thriving communities.”



One Houston One Hood for Peace and Prosperity is a coalition of grassroots organizations dedicated to preventing and eliminating violence in the city of Houston and beyond.  Each coalition member organization has enjoyed a measured level of success. However, the impact of success could be amplified and multiplied if there were adequate resources to implement and sustain a coordinated effort. Read More…